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Merry Christmas to all and Sven made it just that much more special with the release of 4.7 today!

Some new features include:

  • New map: Quarter. In this map, the players must prevent a base from being overrun by enemies. Failing to defend an area forces the players to retreat further back into new areas.
  • Improved sentence handling: NPC’s now use more sentences, mappers can specify their own sentences, and other improvements
  • Linux server binary now included
  • New console command called “stuck” allows players to get unstuck
  • Using the grenade warning automatically makes friendly NPC’s seek cover
  • Spawn points are now randomly selected with no spawn fragging
  • On-line donor lookup: An online donor list now lets donors receive their bonus features without having to wait for the next release
  • trigger_load is now able to load data from other maps’ save files, improving the ability to create map series where events in one map affect what happens in other maps.
  • New High-Definition remakes of HLDM player models
  • Bug fixed that prevented players from falling down when using the grapplegun.

A list of all new features can be found here.

You can pick up the new release by clicking here.


For quite a long time I have followed Jurassic Life mod on You’d see an occasional update here and there. Can’t complain as the team is doing this on their free time on no funding much like any other mod team. But what you really have not seen is the amount of hard earned work and time being put into this mod. And this alpha footage they posted today shows exactly how much they have progressed! My hats off to the Jurassic Life mod team!

Christmas Teaser – Mod DB

They are also looking for help. So if you have a skill worthwhile to helping the team and are interested. Be sure to give them a holla!

I haven’t seen this posted on any Half-life news/fan websites (very strange). But if you did not tune into the VGA’s on the 8th on Spike. Half-Life 2 won game of the decade! So if you have been living under a rock. Let me get you up to speed:

GAME INFORMER has the complete listing of the night’s winner’s. Some we can disagree on. But that last entry is a beautiful sight!

SPIKE has the full 2012 VGA awards on video to view. If you would like to skip to see VALVe accept the award, go to approx 01:01:40


Congrat’s VALVe! Well deserved award!

It’s always exciting news to see updates made to Fortress Forever mod. The dev team has stuck it through for over 5 years with their mod. Yes many people out there favor TF2. But for those of us who started with TFC back in the good ol’ days, FF offers so much more to the classic style gameplay of TFC.


It has been nearly a year since the last patch, but we’re still alive and kicking. This update brings some much needed/long-awaited changes (new class selection screen) as well as bug fixes, balance tweaks, and a large amount of added Lua scripting functionality.

Also, in case you missed it, Fortress Forever turned 5 years old in September. Thank you to those of you that have supported this mod and helped it to survive all these years.

While it comes to no surprise. has announced Cry of Fear mod as their pick for scariest game of the year for 2012. And who could not agree? If you have not played this “Half-Life” mod yet. You do not know what you are missing out on! See the below article:

Running through the candidates for Scariest Game of 2012, we realized how many truly terrifying experiences we had this year. It just goes to show that graphics aren’t half as important to a horror game as a compelling atmosphere and creepy story, as Half-Life 1 mod Cry of Fear scared us more than any other title. It feels like a first person Silent Hill, boasting the kind of psychological fear in its first 15 minutes that you couldn’t get in the entire campaign of Dead Space. Offering a hefty campaign and separate cooperative storyline that takes Resident Evil co-op efforts to school, you’d be getting your money’s worth if this game cost you a single cent. Do you hate having dry trousers enough to play Cry of Fear, our Scariest Game of 2012?

Congratulations Cry of Fear mod! May there be many more goty awards coming your way!

Steam Big Picture mode

Valve today announced the public release of Big Picture, Steam’s new mode that lets gamers access all of their favorite Steam games on a television from the comfort of their sofa. Big Picture has been designed to be used with a traditional gamepad, while also fully supporting keyboard and mouse input.

To celebrate the public launch of Big Picture, over thirty controller-friendly games will be on sale from now until December 10, with savings up to 75% off.

Access to the complete Steam store is included, as is the Steam Community. Big Picture is available worldwide in over twenty languages, including German, French, Russian, Korean, and Portuguese.

Gamers’ existing games are all available in Big Picture. In addition to having the complete library of Steam games, each user’s cloud files, Steam Workshop content, account information and preferences will be accessible automatically in the new mode.

Steam gamers may easily experience Big Picture on their televisions by connecting their PC or Mac, typically with a single HDMI cable. Big Picture also includes a new web browser designed for televisions and game controllers. It is accessible from anywhere within the Big Picture UI, and even while playing Steam games on a TV. It supports Big Picture’s new method of typing with a gamepad, which is useful for entering URLs, filling out forms, chatting, and other functions.

For more information, please visit