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For quite a long time I have followed Jurassic Life mod on You’d see an occasional update here and there. Can’t complain as the team is doing this on their free time on no funding much like any other mod team. But what you really have not seen is the amount of hard earned work and time being put into this mod. And this alpha footage they posted today shows exactly how much they have progressed! My hats off to the Jurassic Life mod team!

Christmas Teaser – Mod DB

They are also looking for help. So if you have a skill worthwhile to helping the team and are interested. Be sure to give them a holla!

I haven’t seen this posted on any Half-life news/fan websites (very strange). But if you did not tune into the VGA’s on the 8th on Spike. Half-Life 2 won game of the decade! So if you have been living under a rock. Let me get you up to speed:

GAME INFORMER has the complete listing of the night’s winner’s. Some we can disagree on. But that last entry is a beautiful sight!

SPIKE has the full 2012 VGA awards on video to view. If you would like to skip to see VALVe accept the award, go to approx 01:01:40


Congrat’s VALVe! Well deserved award!