Hello welcome to my blog!

Bloodvayne started as a gaming alias 16 years ago when I was introduced to Half-Life. During the first few years I managed to compete in 3 clans ([sic],[DsW],{bWg}) for Team Fortess Classic. We were pretty average badass clans and played in a couple leagues (OGL,STA). Ended up going with [sic] to Day of Defeat during Beta 1.0 days. Joined the Online Warfare Pact and enjoyed many skipped school days behind the computer with such a great community.

I tried tinkering around with HL modding. They all went under (Grind Faction, Desert Storm, Naval Warfare, Xtreme Paintball, Airsoft Reloaded). I have had 3 simple maps in mod releases (Digital Paintball – dpb_pmi, dpb_smartparts / Bumpercars – bc_bumpaway). I for a short while also was part of the Planethalflife news staff before the Navy deployments took me from that. Have also been a Beta tester for a number of mods. And for many years ran a successful website called “Bring Your Own Paint” for Digital Paintball Mod. Site no longer exists. But the community made files still remain for archival reasons.

Nowadays you can find me doing the normal “adult things”. But I always come back to what I enjoy most and keeps me young at heart, the Half-Life community. And that’s why I created this site. To share my common interests and experiences of gaming and my day to day life.

Thanks again for stopping by,