Cry of Fear “Scariest game of 2012”

While it comes to no surprise. has announced Cry of Fear mod as their pick for scariest game of the year for 2012. And who could not agree? If you have not played this “Half-Life” mod yet. You do not know what you are missing out on! See the below article:

Running through the candidates for Scariest Game of 2012, we realized how many truly terrifying experiences we had this year. It just goes to show that graphics aren’t half as important to a horror game as a compelling atmosphere and creepy story, as Half-Life 1 mod Cry of Fear scared us more than any other title. It feels like a first person Silent Hill, boasting the kind of psychological fear in its first 15 minutes that you couldn’t get in the entire campaign of Dead Space. Offering a hefty campaign and separate cooperative storyline that takes Resident Evil co-op efforts to school, you’d be getting your money’s worth if this game cost you a single cent. Do you hate having dry trousers enough to play Cry of Fear, our Scariest Game of 2012?

Congratulations Cry of Fear mod! May there be many more goty awards coming your way!